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Newborn baby girl photographs – Miss E

I love photographing tiny princesses at my Derby studio! Let me introduce – newborn baby girl photographs of little Miss E! We met with Miss E’ parents long before she was born and even chose an album for her photographs at the same time. Our little princess is the third child in her family and her parents wanted the newborn photographs to be perfect! Miss E’s parents also suggested colour theme and we discussed many other details – thank you for showing so much interest in this photo shoot!

This little cutie was little indeed – just four days old, one of my youngest models! As for most babies in this age, she was in deep sleep during the session, just occasionally waking up to ask for more milk. She let me dress her in beautiful purple skirts, wrap in purple cloth, put little head bands and hats, and she was so sweet during the whole photo shoot!


Then we decided to play with different colours a little bit, now the theme was brown-yellow. Here is one of such pictures in a nest basket. She is so serenily, is not she?!


Enjoy the rest of the newborn baby girl photographs of Miss E, and keep an eye on new baby photography posts!

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Newborn baby girl pictures of Miss J

Hello everybody

Here are some newborn baby girl pictures of Miss J. She was 12 days old when she was photographed at my Derby newborn studio.

Very young children up to 14 days old have deep and long sleeps and my little model was not an exception. Miss J let me wrap her in various fabrics, put head band and other cute accessories which I’ve got in my studio. As for colour theme, we decided to have various bright colours, like red, pink or yellow, in combination with neutral brown background.


I enjoyed this photo shoot and it looks my little model too 🙂 Look forward to photographing you at your six plus photo session!

newborn baby girl pictures

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Miss A -Six months plus photos at Derby baby photography studio

Hello again

You may have already seen photographs from Miss A’s newborn photo session. This time I photographed her when she was just a bit older than 6 month. The pictures in this post are from her six months plus photo shoot at my Derby baby photography studio.

Miss A has now learned how to sit and these were the moments I was trying to catch. She was enjoying being able to be on her own, to sit just to lay down looking at this strange lady with a black box pressing a button 🙂 We chose yellow – purple for the shoot to make the pictures bright and alive. You can read all sort of emotions at her face, from laughing and smiling to expression of curiosity and of little fear to fall aside, and I love this variety. Photographing little children is always fun!

I hope these pictures will bring a smile at your face 🙂

P.S. Six months plus photo sessions are part of the First year plan that we offer at Elen Studio Photography. You can find more here.

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Miss A by boutique newborn photographer Derbyshire

Miss A, a cute little girl, was an excellent model for this boutique newborn photo shoot. She seem to have enjoyed posing and making faces at me 🙂 Sometimes she smiled, sometimes was a bit more serious. It was incredible to see all these emotions on the face of a baby of just 2 weeks old!

The colours, lilac and green, were chosen to match the colours of Miss A’s room. I like the combination of these colours and I’m glad that I had opportunity to try all these head bands, knitted hats and socks etc – Miss A slept and ate very well. Special thanks to the parents who came a long way to my studio to photograph their little princess! Certainly, it was worth it, as we not only photographed Miss A alone, but we also got few shots with mummy and daddy!

Keep an eye on my blog for Miss A’s six plus photo shoot post!

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Baby girl photos of Miss A


This is a post about newborn baby girl photos of Miss A. I’m so glad to share these beautiful shots of this little princess as I love this shoot!

As you may guess from the first photograph, she slept very well in that cute tiny bed which I prepared for her. In fact, she did so throughout whole photo shoot so it went relatively quick. I like pose and dress little babies and Miss A let me do it with no complaint 🙂 Her mummy and I discussed the colour theme for the shoot and decided to have it brown-orange and pink-purple – I think this worked out very well! As usually, I had lots of unique hand made props for my little models.

I really look forward to photographing Miss A at her 6 plus session!

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baby girl photos


Newborn baby girl photos of miss N

Hi everyone

I admire newborn babies when they are asleep! Not only because they are cute, but also because I can do so many beautiful photos! And such was Miss N, newborn baby girl photos of whom I present in this post.

She was just lovely! I took few shots of her on fur, blankets and, finally. in a wonderful vintage pram! As for colours, I chose combination of green, grey and brown for the pram shot, a little bit of pink and purple for the photo where miss N was wrapped. I also like when my little newborn models wear knitted colourful hats, they are even cuter with them 🙂

Enjoy the pictures 🙂

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newborn baby girl photos-NDB-Elen-Studio-Photography-b-005


Miss M photos by baby photographer Derby

Hi everyone

Here are photos from one of my favourite six plus sessions. This is Miss M, dressed in a cute red top and red-orange tutu which I made myself specially for this shoot. She just learned to sit up on her own and it looks like she enjoys it! With this smiling face and curious look, she won’t sit for long!

I’ve got plenty of bright colour props, dresses and head bands, especially for girls 🙂 Sometimes I make my photography props myself, like for this shoot. This makes it easier to select appropriate colours to match a chosen theme which is an important part of my boutique baby photography style.

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