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Six Streets Arts Trail 2017

Good morning everyone

We are pleased to invite you to the Six Streets Arts Trail 2017!

On Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June 2017, the Six Streets area will once again open its doors and welcome visitors. Residents will host displays by artists and makers including painters, printers, textile artists, ceramicists, photographers and jewellery-makers.

Discover more than 40 artists and makers exhibiting at venues around the Six Streets area, located off Kedleston Road,Derby, at and near Wheeldon Avenue.
The exhibitions will be open Saturday 24 June 10.00 am – 5.00 pm Sunday 25 June 10.00 am – 5.00 pm

Explore the Six Streets area and enjoy refreshments in one of the pop-up cafes around the trail.

This year, as an experiment, entry will be free of charge – just look for the balloons!

We are pleased to be exhibiting there again – please come to say hello and join us to celebrate Derby and Derbyshire arts and crafts!

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Elena, your Derbyshire wedding photographer

Newborn Photographer Derby Studio – Mr E’s photos

At my newborn photographer Derby studio, I’ve got lots of props and accessories for photographing my little models, newborn baby boys and girls. In this shot I used knitted hats, fabrics, baskets and a wooden airplane.

Mr E’s newborn photographs are really boy’s pictures. Look at this airplane photo: who if not a brave and serious man would become a pilot like this little man? I love this shot, it took lots of efforts to do it but I think is was worth it!


At the next picture I really wanted to put something unusual in the photograph. So, found this hat knitted of blue, brown and purple threads. I think it matches very well the dark brown background of the photograph.


The other pictures from this newborn photo session are more traditional but still very cute. I tried to play with colours here to add variety to the photographs. Having lots of accessories at my studio, I tried different hats, fabrics and baskets – here is the result with more of Mr E’s pictures below.

Mr E’s six plus shoot photos are coming soon!

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Elena, your Derby newborn photographer


Newborn baby girl photographs – Miss E

I love photographing tiny princesses at my Derby studio! Let me introduce – newborn baby girl photographs of little Miss E! We met with Miss E’ parents long before she was born and even chose an album for her photographs at the same time. Our little princess is the third child in her family and her parents wanted the newborn photographs to be perfect! Miss E’s parents also suggested colour theme and we discussed many other details – thank you for showing so much interest in this photo shoot!

This little cutie was little indeed – just four days old, one of my youngest models! As for most babies in this age, she was in deep sleep during the session, just occasionally waking up to ask for more milk. She let me dress her in beautiful purple skirts, wrap in purple cloth, put little head bands and hats, and she was so sweet during the whole photo shoot!


Then we decided to play with different colours a little bit, now the theme was brown-yellow. Here is one of such pictures in a nest basket. She is so serenily, is not she?!


Enjoy the rest of the newborn baby girl photographs of Miss E, and keep an eye on new baby photography posts!

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Elena, your Derby newborn photographer


Derby studio newborn images of Mr W

Hi everybody

I’m glad to share with you a set of Derby studio newborn images from a photo session of Mr W. I met Emily, Mr W’s mum few years ago when I was photographing her as a model. And I was very glad to see her again with her little baby boy!

Mr W was a very good little model. He followed all my instructions (i.e. slept well ) to wear a knitted hat, to be wrapped in knitted cloth and, of course, to sleep on a small basket dreaming about something πŸ™‚ As for the colour scheme, we chose it to be natural colours such as grey, brown and a bit of orange, quite appropriate for a boy.

Derby studio newborn images

I’m also pleased with the family photograph of Mr W and his parents showing so much love and affection!

Derby studio newborn images

Find more photographs from this photo session below. I hope you will enjoy them as I do πŸ™‚

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Elena, your Derby local newborn photographer


Newborn baby girl pictures of Miss J

Hello everybody

Here are some newborn baby girl pictures of Miss J. She was 12 days old when she was photographed at my Derby newborn studio.

Very young children up to 14 days old have deep and long sleeps and my little model was not an exception. Miss J let me wrap her in various fabrics, put head band and other cute accessories which I’ve got in my studio. As for colour theme, we decided to have various bright colours, like red, pink or yellow, in combination with neutral brown background.


I enjoyed this photo shoot and it looks my little model too πŸ™‚ Look forward to photographing you at your six plus photo session!

newborn baby girl pictures

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Elena, your Derby local newborn photographer


Derby newborn photographer – Mr B’s photos

Hi everybody

Here is a new set of baby boy newborn photographs by your local Derby newborn photographer Elen Studio Photography. Let me introduce you to Mr B, a week old little man.

Mr B’s mum and dad thought about the photo session in details – they brought some props and proposed a green-brown colour theme which I really like too. One of the things they prepared for this photo shoot was a little crocodile toy. They wanted it to be with Mr B throughout all three boutique baby photo sessions (newborn six plus and cake smash photo shoots) to see how their little boy grows. Here is a newborn photograph of Mr B with the crocodile toy.


Another thing Mr B’s parents brought was a tortoise costume for Mr B. Look at this picture, he looks so cute when dressed up as a tortoise πŸ™‚


The session went very well-I really really enjoyed it! My little model slept well and I managed to take a number of interesting shots. Mr B even smiled on one of the pictures. It looks like he enjoyed the session too πŸ™‚

I’d like to say special thank you to Mr B’s parents for bringing their little boy to my studio preparing so well for the session. Looking forward to seeing you at Mr B’s six plus session!

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Elena, your Derby newborn photographer


Derby newborn photography studio – photos of Mr A

Hi everybody

I’m proud to present another set of newborn photographs from my Derby newborn photography studio. This time it is a newborn baby boy, Mr A. I think that Mr A has been the youngest model at my studio so far; he was just 4 day old when his mummy and daddy brought him to take some cute pictures of the little man.

Stacey and Jon, mummy and daddy of Mr A, wanted simple pictures with not much of bright colours. So we started off with some simple poses, gradually changing to something more unusual. As my little model was very young, he slept quite well throughout the shoot allowing me to take more and more interesting photographs, like the one just below.

Derby newborn photography studio

Then we moved on to wrapping and putting Mr A in a wooden nest and a stool. At the end, we also managed to get some fantastic family pictures which I absolutely love! Here is one of them


This photo session was followed by Stacey and Jon’s wedding photo shoot in few months, but that is a completely different story – see my wedding photography web site for weddings.

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Elena, your Derby local newborn photographer


Photos of Mr G at newborn photography studio Derby

Hi everyone

Here are some new photographs at our newborn photography studio Derby. Mr G, a little model at these pictures, was nearly one month old. It was unusual, as I tend to photograph babies before they reach the age of 2 weeks. The problem with photographing babies over 14 days old is often that they become more active, less sleepy and more hungry πŸ™‚ But this was not the case at this photo shoot.

At the beginning Mr G was not asleep at all. He was observing the world quietly letting me to take few pictures of him looking around and smiling. After a while he fell asleep and that was good time to do something more creative, e.g. to put a tie or hat on him πŸ™‚ We used different colour themes to give a variety to the photographs.

Mr G’s parents adore his little boy and really wanted to have few family photographs with him. We did one with mummy, one with daddy, and then several shots altogether. I love these family photographs of Mr G with his parents – they are truly beautiful and, I think, reflect connection between all members of the family really well.

I hope you will enjoy these lovely newborn and family photographs the way I do πŸ™‚

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Elena, your newborn photographer

Newborn photography studio Derby-038


Why You Should Consider Hiring the Services of a Professional Newborn Photographer?

After long nine months seeing your tummy grow, long sleepless nights, odd cravings and feeling heavier by the day, your little bundle of joy has finally arrived! Now its time to hire a newborn photographer to store the beautiful moments of your little heart.Β And this tiny baby is perfect in every single way, from head to toes, just as you dreamed it would be.

baby photography

You fall in love with your baby and wish you could be able to keep every single memory in your mind, remember what this baby looked like when you first met; all the details of his or her hair, tiny nose and hands. Well, every new mum feels the same but unfortunately they grow up so quickly that when you realize it, is difficult to remember just those little details you wanted to keep forever in your mind.

cute baby photography

One option to keep these memories alive will be to grab your mobile phone or your camera and take the pictures of your baby. Of course they will be lovely and cute, but they will lack one thing… the touch of a professional photographer.

New born baby photography

There are some professional photographers that specialise in taking pictures of newborn babies. A professional newborn photographer will capture the beauty of your child and create a lovely collection of photos for you to keep forever, and here are some of the reasons why you should consider these services:

yellow theme baby photography

Mr R at ESP Newborn Photography Studio


Today I’m going to share with you few newborn images of Mr R at my newborn photography studio in Derby.
Mr R, this little baby boy, was just 2 weeks old when I photographed him. As you can see from the photographs, he did sleep very well so I had a chance to try different poses and outfits.

Mr R’s mum and dad prefer light natural colours so we chose creme neutral backgrounds, fabrics and accessories. The only picture where I deviated from this is the one with Mr R in a brown-green ‘nest’. By choosing the combination of green and brown I wanted to reflect the autumn theme, the season when he was born. At the end of the shoot we also did few photographs with mum and family altogether. I love these family pictures showing connection between Mr R and his parents!

Look forward to photographing Mr R at his 6 months plus session in a few months!

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Elena, your newborn photographer