Six Plus Photo Shoot

WHY? Now, when your baby is able to sit, the new opportunities for photography are opened. During the shoot we will capture his or her genuine joy and surprise when he or she reaches a toy or rattles something sitting independently. The kids in this age are very cute, smiley and their emotions are just incredible. Do not miss this opportunity to memorize their emotions for your wall or a beautiful photo book with a professional photographer.

WHEN? A Six Plus photo shoot is for babies of approximately 6+ months of age, once they are able to sit unaided which is another important step in their development. A Six Plus photo shoot is the next baby photo shoot after the newborn session.

WHAT THE SHOOT IS LIKE? The shoot would normally take place in my mini studio based in Derby. As with the Newborn shoot, I have got a lots of props, accessories, backgrounds, boxes etc for a beautiful baby shoot, for both boys and girls. This is part of the Boutique Baby photography concept. The shoot would usually take 1-2 hours, but the exact duration, of course, depends on the mood of our little model 🙂

WHEN and HOW to BOOK? Please book the shoot as soon as possible after your baby can sit independently. It is important as ability to sit-up is the distinction between the Six Plus shoot and all previous baby shoots. You can book using a Baby Shoot booking form, by phone or email.

SHOOT PRICE. The Six Plus shoot price is £139 which includes:
– the shoot itself (my experience, props, professional photo equipment, time)
– £50 credit towards photographic products
If you book the Six Plus shoot as part of the First Year Plan, you can save up to 20% of the shoot price.