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Derby baby photography studio – six plus photos of Mr J

Hi there
These six plus photos of Mr J are good example of how well parents have prepared for the shoot. At our Derby baby photography studio we always welcome when mum and dad bring their own special clothes to have a special theme.

We started from simple shots of Mr J cap and jeans with braces. He liked just to sit, to smile and to look around. The blue theme for these first pictures always suits little boys.


We then dressed up Mr J in the Derby County football team uniform which his parents brought for the shoot. He certainly enjoyed playing with the ball 🙂


At the end we did few shots of Mr J sitting simply sitting on a Union Jack box, one of the most favourite toy for my little models 🙂


It was such a pleasure to photograph little Mr J – look forward to seeing him at his Cake Smash shoot!

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Elena, your Derby baby photographer


Eight months old baby boy photos of Mr G

I love when my little models are dressed up in shorts and a hat or a cap. I think this makes them so stylish! The eight months old baby boy photo of Mr G in this post show exactly how I like it 🙂

The newborn photo session of Mr G happened nearly eight months ago – you can find these photographs in the Mr G’s newborn post. How lovely it was to see him and his parents again!

Mr G came with his mum and dad in excellent mood. It was pleasure to dress him up and photograph him, as he was smiling all the way! Many thanks to his parents for keeping him so happy that morning. As you know, at the six plus sessions it is very important that Mr G could sit by himself, and he did it quite happily!

After all the preparations were made, we’ve started smiling, playing and taking pictures. The first set up was with this cute cap and shorts.

Six months old baby boy photo-01

Then Mr G got dressed in another hat and trousers with braces, and sat in the favourite prop of all babies – a small wooden cart. Here is how much he loved sitting there.

Six months old baby boy photo-02

We then did few more shots in the cart, without the cart, and then just lying down and laughing. We also had opportunity to photograph Mr G with mum and dad – such lovely people and caring parents!

That’s it for today. If you are curious on how Mr G grows, keep an eye on my blog – Mr G’s Cake Smash photos are coming soon!

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Elena, your Derby baby photographer


Newborn Photographer Derby Studio – Mr E’s photos

At my newborn photographer Derby studio, I’ve got lots of props and accessories for photographing my little models, newborn baby boys and girls. In this shot I used knitted hats, fabrics, baskets and a wooden airplane.

Mr E’s newborn photographs are really boy’s pictures. Look at this airplane photo: who if not a brave and serious man would become a pilot like this little man? I love this shot, it took lots of efforts to do it but I think is was worth it!


At the next picture I really wanted to put something unusual in the photograph. So, found this hat knitted of blue, brown and purple threads. I think it matches very well the dark brown background of the photograph.


The other pictures from this newborn photo session are more traditional but still very cute. I tried to play with colours here to add variety to the photographs. Having lots of accessories at my studio, I tried different hats, fabrics and baskets – here is the result with more of Mr E’s pictures below.

Mr E’s six plus shoot photos are coming soon!

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Elena, your Derby newborn photographer


Baby boy photographs Derby-Six Plus photos of Mr B

Hi everybody

Following his newborn photo session few months ago, Mr B has grown a little bit. Now he is just a bit older than 6 months, he can sit and crawl, and the world has become even more interesting. I would like to share with you new baby boy photographs Derby from a six plus photo session of Mr B. Now, when he has learnt to sit-up by himself he has much more to see! This curious look and enjoyment of some independence is exactly what we want to photograph at our six plus photo sessions!

The photo shoot was done in the green-brown theme, the same was was used at his newborn session. At Mr B’s newborn photo shoot we did a photograph with a little crocodile toy. At this six plus session we’ve done the same shot, with the same crocodile, in the same basket, but with Mr B grown. Quite a difference, isn’t it 🙂


I have plenty of props in my studio for my baby photo shoots. The wooden suitcases are probably the top toy for the six months babies as they can open them, close them, sit on them etc – here is one of such pictures with happy Mr B sitting on the top of the pile of vintage suitcases.


The next image Mr B’s parents ordered as a frame to put on the wall. They said it looks like a selfie, and called it “My first selfie”.


It was great to see little Mr B at his 6 months age – see you at your cake smash photo shoot when you will be one year old!

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Elena, your Derby newborn photographer


Derby studio newborn images of Mr W

Hi everybody

I’m glad to share with you a set of Derby studio newborn images from a photo session of Mr W. I met Emily, Mr W’s mum few years ago when I was photographing her as a model. And I was very glad to see her again with her little baby boy!

Mr W was a very good little model. He followed all my instructions (i.e. slept well ) to wear a knitted hat, to be wrapped in knitted cloth and, of course, to sleep on a small basket dreaming about something 🙂 As for the colour scheme, we chose it to be natural colours such as grey, brown and a bit of orange, quite appropriate for a boy.

Derby studio newborn images

I’m also pleased with the family photograph of Mr W and his parents showing so much love and affection!

Derby studio newborn images

Find more photographs from this photo session below. I hope you will enjoy them as I do 🙂

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Elena, your Derby local newborn photographer


Rainbow themed Cake Smash photos of Mr I

Hi everyone

Here are some rainbow themed Cake Smash photos of Mr I, from his Cake Smash session some time ago. We’ve decided to make it as colourful as possible, with mostly rainbow colours.

As usually, we started the shoot from taking few pictures with some props, like a wooden suitcase (a very popular item among my little models 🙂 ). Then he played a little bit with a toy train as well and letters O, N and E. At the end Mr I put on a bright red-yellow-green-blue bow tie, for few more photos and to smash the cake which was made to order to match the theme. He certainly enjoyed the cake, especially the chocolate part of it 🙂

The shoot went very well, everyone had fun, including little Mr I. I hope the pictures will bring a smile at your face 🙂

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Elena, your baby cake smash photographer



Mr R at ESP Newborn Photography Studio


Today I’m going to share with you few newborn images of Mr R at my newborn photography studio in Derby.
Mr R, this little baby boy, was just 2 weeks old when I photographed him. As you can see from the photographs, he did sleep very well so I had a chance to try different poses and outfits.

Mr R’s mum and dad prefer light natural colours so we chose creme neutral backgrounds, fabrics and accessories. The only picture where I deviated from this is the one with Mr R in a brown-green ‘nest’. By choosing the combination of green and brown I wanted to reflect the autumn theme, the season when he was born. At the end of the shoot we also did few photographs with mum and family altogether. I love these family pictures showing connection between Mr R and his parents!

Look forward to photographing Mr R at his 6 months plus session in a few months!

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Elena, your newborn photographer



Cake Smash boy – Mr B

Hi everyone

Today I’ve got for you a new set of pictures from a recent Cake Smash photo shoot.

At the beginning of the session Mr B was a serious little boy, wondering around and trying to understand what’s going on. Then I gave him a box of tools which he then decided to use to explore the cake 🙂 At the end Mr B was brave enough to get into the cake not only with his hands and feet to have full experience 🙂

The theme, background and colour scheme for the shoot was chosen to match his bedroom at home. He loves cartoon animals so the cake was designed with the animal characters on side and top.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures of this little Cake Smash boy the same way as I do 🙂

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Elena, your baby photographer

Cake Smash Boy


Mr L by Newborn photography studio Derby

Hi everybody!

I’m pleased to present a new set of newborn images by my newborn photography studio in Derby. Today are the photos of Mr L, a handsome little boy who was born just 7 days before the session. I was especially glad to photograph him as I know his parents for long time now, since 2012 when I photographed their wedding. I also photographed his older brother, Mr E, 2 years ago.

Like his older brother, Mr L slept very well, giving me opportunity to capture his smiles and funny faces. Before the shoot we discussed the colour theme with his parents and they suggested to have green and blue, similar to the colours of his room. I chose combination of brown, green and blue out of my props.

Quite often I take pictures with parents; one of these is also in the list below.

I really enjoyed photographing Mr L, hope you will enjoy the pictures too 🙂

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Cake Smash shoot from a Derby boutique baby photographer

The ‘Cake Smash’ shoot is a stylish boutique baby photo shoot of a 1 year old baby around his 1st birthday. The idea is for the baby to have fun by literally smashing a 1st Birthday Cake, to create mess and get lots of smiles and joy from making a mess. This is ‘what it is all about’ 🙂

So, I think, Maxim took the most of it during his Cake Smash shoot! He was quite amused about presence of the cake and lots of decorations around. The he was surprised that he is allowed to make a mess with the cake. Once he realised what it is about, he smashed the cake very quickly, I just needed to keep pressing the button to take pictures 🙂

The cake used in the shoot is a real cake ordered from a cake shop and styled to the shoot theme which was about sea and ships. It’s great subject for any boy, isn’t it?

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Your boutique baby photographer