Photos of Mr G at newborn photography studio Derby

Hi everyone

Here are some new photographs at our newborn photography studio Derby. Mr G, a little model at these pictures, was nearly one month old. It was unusual, as I tend to photograph babies before they reach the age of 2 weeks. The problem with photographing babies over 14 days old is often that they become more active, less sleepy and more hungry 🙂 But this was not the case at this photo shoot.

At the beginning Mr G was not asleep at all. He was observing the world quietly letting me to take few pictures of him looking around and smiling. After a while he fell asleep and that was good time to do something more creative, e.g. to put a tie or hat on him 🙂 We used different colour themes to give a variety to the photographs.

Mr G’s parents adore his little boy and really wanted to have few family photographs with him. We did one with mummy, one with daddy, and then several shots altogether. I love these family photographs of Mr G with his parents – they are truly beautiful and, I think, reflect connection between all members of the family really well.

I hope you will enjoy these lovely newborn and family photographs the way I do 🙂

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