Newborn Photography Safety 101 – 5 Tips to Ensure your Baby is Safe on Camera

As an experienced newborn photographer and a mum myself, I know how important safety is whenever you mix babies, heavy equipment and unfamiliar locales. I speak to countless new parents who blanche with apprehension at the idea of taking their sweet new wee one out of the little nest that they have built in their own safe home – in fact, my Derbyshire studio is often one of the very first outings that a family makes, in order to capture those first few precious weeks!

newborn baby photography derby
Newborn photography safety is something that I am passionate about, and I want to ensure that all new mums and dads select a professional who is as meticulous about this as I am. Here is a list of five things to consider when choosing the photographer who will immortalise your new baby on camera.


  1. Your baby should never be left unattended on a prop or background

    – Even when sleeping soundly, one spasm or jerk could see your baby rolling off of a high surface and onto the floor, a potentially dangerous fall. Ensure that someone always has a steadying hand on or nearby the newborn – we can always edit this out later if need be.

  2. Hot drinks should be avoided

    – At my Derby Baby Photography Studio, I avoid serving hot drinks whenever shooting a newborn and family. This simple step helps to prevent burns from any spills, particularly when a toddler sibling is underfoot!

  3. Some shots come together in the editing process

    – The adorable froggy and cocoon poses are always in high demand, but contorting a happily snoozing baby into these uncomfortable positions is a recipe for tears and potentially even some accidents. I always ask mum and dad to lend a helping hand, and then create a composite of the images in Photoshop, producing splendid results – safely.

  4. Never place your baby in a prop that could fall or break

    – Similar to the first point, you need to ensure the physical setting of the photo shoot is free from hazards. While it might look absolutely adorable to place your little babe in a unique or vintage prop, if that prop breaks it can cause serious injury. I always speak to my clients and do my best to add bespoke requests into the photo during the editing process.

  5. All cameras should be equipped with sturdy straps – Sometimes, in order to get the perfect angle, the photographers needs to position themselves above the little one. In this case every camera – even the tiniest ones! – need to be securely strapped around the photographer’s neck. If a camera or other piece of equipment was to slip and fall, even a seemingly tiny item can cause serious injury to a newborn baby.


If you make sure that your photographer always follows these simple tips you will ensure that your baby’s first photo shoot will be safe and have adorable results. If you have any further questions about newborn photography safety, or you would simply like to chat about my services, please feel free to call, email or even drop by my Derbyshire baby photography studio.