They Grow Up So Fast

Having your own little bundle of joy is a feeling like no other. Having someone to cherish for the rest of your life and watch as they grow in to your spitting image is a life event which means something different to every parent. The only problem is that they grow up so fast.

The initial helplessness and their need to rely on the love and attention of you, their parents, soon evaporates as you’re running a marathon trying to keep up with them. There are no doubt times that you will stop and think how you wish they were still a tiny baby so you could hold them all day without having to chase them for a cuddle.

Memories With Newborn Photos

Memories are incredibly important for both you, the parents, and the baby. Capturing special moments such as the many firsts during the baby’s first year is something that can’t be done again so creating a photo album of newborn photos in Derbyshire is something I think every parent needs to do.

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Why Opt For Professional Baby Photography

Using our baby photographer in Derby services allows you to capture the innocence of your baby forever. Whether you intend to keep your photos in a secret place for you to look at or to have on display when the first girlfriend or boyfriend comes round having the photographs will hold a special place in your heart.

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Having your own home photos is great for capturing all the firsts like the first smile or first crawl but having newborn photos in Derbyshire taken by Elen Studio Photography we can create unique and truly beautiful photos which you can have on display or give to family members as gifts. First year photos are so important and the ability to look back at them is so special that if you chose not to have pictures you would regret it for the rest of your life.

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So with you and me and your baby we can make three individual and fun photoshoots for your baby to really get the essence of the innocence of your baby before they grow into a toddler running around the house at 2 o clock in the morning.

If the safety of your baby is your only concern for making the decision for using baby photographer in Derby services to complete the photoshoots you don’t need to worry as there are many guidelines and rules which we use. The safety of your precious newborn baby comes first above everything else so during all of your photoshoots with your little one it is highly likely that you will feature in the photograph session.

Amongst many other guidelines and laws of safety, having you acting as spotters is one of the most highly used safety techniques in taking newborn photos in Derbyshire. Accomplishing great photos in classic newborn poses such as the Froggie pose and other composite poses can only be done with your assistance. Don’t panic though. As your baby photographers in Derby we will edit out your hand or any other limb from the photographs so you don’t need to be camera shy.

Within the first 6 months you will find that your baby grows at an alarming rate and is no longer the helpless babe that once laid in your arms for hours at a time. Very quickly you will start to see a lot of you and your partner in the baby whether they have their mummy’s nose or their daddy’s eyes. Of course all the good looks from mummy so we won’t debate that.

All the characteristics and features which become more apparent as your baby grows is what makes the second baby photoshoot special. As your chosen baby photographers in Derby we have a whole catalogue of different poses and settings for the 6 month photoshoot so you can be guaranteed that you will end up with some great baby photos to add to your newborn photos in Derbyshire.

As your baby will have substantially grown since the first photoshoot they took part in their bodies will be a lot stronger than they were though they still need the support to prevent them from giving us an album full of moon poses. Crawling poses can be captured by using your assistance to get the baby looking towards the camera. The smile your baby has for you is truly special so by having this joyful and loving expression on film you can look at it for the rest of your life.

As well as the crawling pose, often taken with a safety blanket, our photographer in Derby portfolio can also create sitting poses with a variety of props or even capture any random poses your baby feels like doing such as holding their feet whilst gazing at the camera. Natural photographs are much more beautiful than posed pictures so any pictures of your baby are stunning as they are too young to understand what’s going on.

Having the 6 month photographs next to your newborn photographs in Derbyshire you will be able to see the remarkable difference in how your baby has changed. With more defining features you will start being able to show off by promoting to your family and friends who your baby takes after. Placing them on the wall as canvases also creates a great centrepiece for any room in the house so you can show off your baby’s beauty with pride to every single visitor you have.

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In order to finish capturing the first year of your baby’s life the third and final baby photoshoot with us as your baby photographers in Derby will take place around their first birthday. Once again your baby will have grown a vast amount in comparison to the 2 previous baby photoshoots so there is much more that can be accomplished. Their cheeky character will no doubt be driving you insane at home but we can use their grins and innocent sense of fun to create some really great shots that you’ll love.

The most popular photograph to have taken during the final baby photoshoot is the cake smash. Cake smash photography in Derbyshire is as messy as it sounds. It’s great fun to do and even more fun to watch. Your baby’s 1st birthday is a monumental occasion and when captured on film it can really complete your first year collection, and look great at a party when they turn 18.

Cake can be messy on its own but for a baby it is much more interesting to plaster it all over their face and everywhere but in their mouth. There is always icing and crumbs all over the place when finished but it all adds to the charm of the photos which is why they are so great to have.

A variety of photographs can be taken, all including the cake. Some poses are structured, getting the baby to pose in a particular way to get a great portrait of your baby. Other photos can be quick ‘take them while you can’ photos if the baby does something particularly cute or funny that needs to be captured and used later in life as blackmail. In a good way.

With cake smash photography in Derbyshire it may be necessary for you to help me get the baby looking the right direction. The excitement of being sat next to a cake is often too much for the baby and they really won’t be interested in anything else. Though we have a host of different toys and props to try and get the baby’s attention your help makes all the difference, especially when trying to get their full beam smile which is reserved especially for you.

When that magic event of cake smash photography in Derbyshire has taken place you will now be able to create a photo album for your baby’s first year. Compiling photographs taken by your chosen baby photographer in Derby at Elen Studio Photography during the three photoshoots is an enjoyable task which becomes a memento that you can keep forever.

Having a mixture of both home photos and professional portraits is the perfect ensemble for any parent and you will find that one day your children will ask to look at those photos. Sharing fond and messy memories of those photoshoots will allow you to keep bonding with your children as they grow older and that experience will then be replicated when your grandchildren arrive.

Hiring me as your baby photographer in Derby is easy. I believe that in order to get the best newborn photographs in Derbyshire as well as perfectly matching 6 month shots and cake smash photography in Derbyshire you need to stick to the same baby photographer in Derby. By having us taking all the photographs you and your baby can build a relationship with us as your baby photographer in Derby and get the best pictures because the baby is more at ease and is comfortable because they know me.

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Having photographs taken by a familiar face will make your baby more comfortable and more likely to give you some amazing photographs. Not only does this benefit the social development of your baby but it also means that your mementos will be warmer and more lifelike than worried and stiff poses from your baby.

Getting photographs taken by us as your baby photographer in Derby in my studio is an action that you will never regret as your baby will grow up so fast and by having beautiful masterpieces of newborn photographs in Derbyshire you can enjoy your baby’s first year time and time again.


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