First Birthday Photo Shoot

WHY? The change between a newborn baby and a one year old little boy or girl with own personality is incredible. This age is often considered as a milestone for the little ones, before they become toddlers and run off to explore the world. With a First Birthday photo shoot, we will help you to capture and memorize these moments for a beautiful photo album or wall art.

WHEN? The best time for the First Birthday photo shoot is at the age around 1 year old, preferably one month before or after. Please give us a call if you are in doubt, we can discuss this.

WHAT THE SHOOT IS LIKE? The First Birthday photo shoot is normally organised in my residential studio based in Derby and lasts for about 2 hours, depending on baby’s mood. If the weather is suitable, we can do part or whole photo shoot outdoor. The cloths and props provided by Elen Studio Photography are carefully chosen for the shoot to match style, colours and theme which is a part of Boutique Baby photography concept. The shoot also includes a ‘Cake Smash’ option.

WHEN TO BOOK? Please book at least a couple of months in advance. Booking so early is required in order for me to prepare theme and accessories for the shoot and to guarantee my availability. You can book using a Baby Shoot booking form, or by phone or email.

The First Birthday/Cake Smash shoot includes
– up to 2 hours of the shoot itself (my experience, time, props, professional photo equipment etc)
– one 5″x7″ mounted photo from the shoot
If you book the First Birthday shoot as part of the First Year Plan, you can save up to 20% of the shoot price.