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Antenatal Classes In Derbyshire

Getting ready for your ne bundle of joy’s arrival is an exciting chapter in your new adventure of parenting. Although everyone has different experiences with childbirth taking antenatal classes in Derbyshire will really enhance your experience and prepare you for what is to come.

Antenatal classes come in all different shapes and sizes and many of them are free. Some classes are women only and others can be classes for couples which are ideal for first time parents.

Though there are many different types of antenatal classes they all have the same concept and goal which is to prepare you and your partner for late pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. Some antenatal classes focus on birth positions and where to give birth whereas other classes will have a set routine of topics so you get a sound knowledge of all different areas of childbirth. Taking extra classes in the basics of breastfeeding is also recommended as this is something many new mothers struggle with.

Many topics are covered by antenatal classes in Derbyshire include your wellbeing, changes for you, caring for your baby, meeting your baby and much more. Every angle is looked at so you and your partner are as prepared as possible for your time.

5 Things to do before your labour. Don’t forget!

The most exciting time of your life is fast approaching and all of a sudden it seems a rush to get the last preparations completed ready for your new arrival. Though you probably started preparing as soon as you heard you were expecting there are always some preparations which may get forgotten in all the excitement. Here’s 5 things you really shouldn’t forget.

1. Set up your hospital bag. Your little lady or fella won’t tell you when they are going to arrive so you need to prepared to depart at a moment’s notice. Having all of the necessary essentials ready in a bag packed either by your front door or as close to it as possible will save your spouse time in coming to your aid.

2. Install a car seat. The first journey home with your new arrival could go pear shaped if there is no car seat ready. When giving birth a car seat will be the last thing on your mind so having it ready to go will be one less worry and a much smoother beginning to parenting.

Pregnancy photo shoot of Anna

I photographed wedding of Anna and Sergey last year, and this summer we met again but for different reason – they’ve decided to capture and memorise the last weeks of Anna’s pregnancy. Most of the Anna’s pictures we took at home and then photographed her with Sergey outside. The weather was lovely and we had very good time.

Guys, it was nice to see you again – here are some photographs from the photo shoot.

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Pregnancy shoot with Mark and Sam

This photoshoot was done a while ago, at one of summer afternoons. As usually, we began this shoot from taking some pictures at home, and then moved out to a nearby park. Sam and Mark prepared very well – they had two sets of baby boots, beautiful flowers and different outfits.
Our most sincere congratulations to Sam and Mark with birth of two boys! We really look forward to photographing whole their family in near future!

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