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Miss A -Six months plus photos at Derby baby photography studio

Hello again

You may have already seen photographs from Miss A’s newborn photo session. This time I photographed her when she was just a bit older than 6 month. The pictures in this post are from her six months plus photo shoot at my Derby baby photography studio.

Miss A has now learned how to sit and these were the moments I was trying to catch. She was enjoying being able to be on her own, to sit just to lay down looking at this strange lady with a black box pressing a button 🙂 We chose yellow – purple for the shoot to make the pictures bright and alive. You can read all sort of emotions at her face, from laughing and smiling to expression of curiosity and of little fear to fall aside, and I love this variety. Photographing little children is always fun!

I hope these pictures will bring a smile at your face 🙂

P.S. Six months plus photo sessions are part of the First year plan that we offer at Elen Studio Photography. You can find more here.

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Newborn baby images of Miss M

Hi everybody

Two years ago I photographed a wedding of a lovely couple, Emma and Andrew. In this post, I’m very pleased to present some newborn baby images of their daughter, Miss M.

From the very beginning of the photo shoot Miss M was very curious about what is going on. When she did not sleep, she would look around – see the top image for this curious look 🙂 I also took a picture with a little teddy bear which Emma and Andrew brought for the shoot; such photographs, with first toys, would be treasured forever! The other newborn baby images in this post were taken with different colours and outfit to add to the variety of the photographs. At the end I photographed Andrew with her little daughter – I love photographing parents with their little babies!

Emma and Andrew, it was lovely to see you back and pleasure to photograph your beautiful daughter!

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Newborn Photography Safety 101 – 5 Tips to Ensure your Baby is Safe on Camera

As an experienced newborn photographer and a mum myself, I know how important safety is whenever you mix babies, heavy equipment and unfamiliar locales. I speak to countless new parents who blanche with apprehension at the idea of taking their sweet new wee one out of the little nest that they have built in their own safe home – in fact, my Derbyshire studio is often one of the very first outings that a family makes, in order to capture those first few precious weeks!

newborn baby photography derby
Newborn photography safety is something that I am passionate about, and I want to ensure that all new mums and dads select a professional who is as meticulous about this as I am. Here is a list of five things to consider when choosing the photographer who will immortalise your new baby on camera.


They Grow Up So Fast

Having your own little bundle of joy is a feeling like no other. Having someone to cherish for the rest of your life and watch as they grow in to your spitting image is a life event which means something different to every parent. The only problem is that they grow up so fast.

The initial helplessness and their need to rely on the love and attention of you, their parents, soon evaporates as you’re running a marathon trying to keep up with them. There are no doubt times that you will stop and think how you wish they were still a tiny baby so you could hold them all day without having to chase them for a cuddle.

Memories With Newborn Photos

Memories are incredibly important for both you, the parents, and the baby. Capturing special moments such as the many firsts during the baby’s first year is something that can’t be done again so creating a photo album of newborn photos in Derbyshire is something I think every parent needs to do.

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Why Opt For Professional Baby Photography