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Newborn baby girl Miss E

Hi everyone
In this post I’d like to present you some photographs of Miss E, a newborn baby girl. Miss E was just few days old when her mum brought her for the photo shoot. She slept very well almost all the time and I had good opportunity to take pictures with different poses and outfits. In fact, Miss E was doing so well, that one of the images from this shoot became a Winner of PORTRAIT UNDER 5s category at the Master Photographers Association East Midlands competition 2014!

There is something else which is special about this shoot – I photographed Miss E’s brother two years ago when he was a newborn baby as well (also a winner of LICENTIATE PORTRAIT 2013!). Great to see him grown (on one of the picture)!

Look forward to photographing Six Plus session of Miss E!

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Cake smash baby boy – Oliver

Hi everyone

These photos of a cake smash baby boy are the last in the First Year Plan boutique baby photography shoots for Oliver.
It’s always interesting to see how children grow and change. I remember photographing him being a little newborn baby (Newborn pictures). Then saw him when he just learned how to sit at his Six Plus photo session. This time, my job was even more difficult as he could crawl πŸ™‚

Oliver likes dinosaurs so his parents decided to make this a theme. The cake was made to support this theme too – with a little green dino on the top. Something else made this photo shoot to be a very special – a large soft toy dinosaur which was Oliver’s 1st Birthday present made by his mum. I found an elegant set of brown shorts and a cap for him among my baby outfits so we decided the overall colour scheme to be brown-green. We started from simple head shots with a Union Jack box, then invited his dino. At the end of the shoot Oliver got the cake to smash and to play with.

That was a fun shoot, with lots of laugh and surprises. I really enjoyed, Oliver and his parents had fun too!

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Miss A by boutique newborn photographer Derbyshire

Miss A, a cute little girl, was an excellent model for this boutique newborn photo shoot. She seem to have enjoyed posing and making faces at me πŸ™‚ Sometimes she smiled, sometimes was a bit more serious. It was incredible to see all these emotions on the face of a baby of just 2 weeks old!

The colours, lilac and green, were chosen to match the colours of Miss A’s room. I like the combination of these colours and I’m glad that I had opportunity to try all these head bands, knitted hats and socks etc – Miss A slept and ate very well. Special thanks to the parents who came a long way to my studio to photograph their little princess! Certainly, it was worth it, as we not only photographed Miss A alone, but we also got few shots with mummy and daddy!

Keep an eye on my blog for Miss A’s six plus photo shoot post!

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Newborn Photography Safety 101 – 5 Tips to Ensure your Baby is Safe on Camera

As an experienced newborn photographer and a mum myself, I know how important safety is whenever you mix babies, heavy equipment and unfamiliar locales. I speak to countless new parents who blanche with apprehension at the idea of taking their sweet new wee one out of the little nest that they have built in their own safe home – in fact, my Derbyshire studio is often one of the very first outings that a family makes, in order to capture those first few precious weeks!

newborn baby photography derby
Newborn photography safety is something that I am passionate about, and I want to ensure that all new mums and dads select a professional who is as meticulous about this as I am. Here is a list of five things to consider when choosing the photographer who will immortalise your new baby on camera.


They Grow Up So Fast

Having your own little bundle of joy is a feeling like no other. Having someone to cherish for the rest of your life and watch as they grow in to your spitting image is a life event which means something different to every parent. The only problem is that they grow up so fast.

The initial helplessness and their need to rely on the love and attention of you, their parents, soon evaporates as you’re running a marathon trying to keep up with them. There are no doubt times that you will stop and think how you wish they were still a tiny baby so you could hold them all day without having to chase them for a cuddle.

Memories With Newborn Photos

Memories are incredibly important for both you, the parents, and the baby. Capturing special moments such as the many firsts during the baby’s first year is something that can’t be done again so creating a photo album of newborn photos in Derbyshire is something I think every parent needs to do.

baby photographer derby

Why Opt For Professional Baby Photography


Baby girl photos of Miss A


This is a post about newborn baby girl photos of Miss A. I’m so glad to share these beautiful shots of this little princess as I love this shoot!

As you may guess from the first photograph, she slept very well in that cute tiny bed which I prepared for her. In fact, she did so throughout whole photo shoot so it went relatively quick. I like pose and dress little babies and Miss A let me do it with no complaint πŸ™‚ Her mummy and I discussed the colour theme for the shoot and decided to have it brown-orange and pink-purple – I think this worked out very well! As usually, I had lots of unique hand made props for my little models.

I really look forward to photographing Miss A at her 6 plus session!

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baby girl photos


Antenatal Classes In Derbyshire

Getting ready for your ne bundle of joy’s arrival is an exciting chapter in your new adventure of parenting. Although everyone has different experiences with childbirth taking antenatal classes in Derbyshire will really enhance your experience and prepare you for what is to come.

Antenatal classes come in all different shapes and sizes and many of them are free. Some classes are women only and others can be classes for couples which are ideal for first time parents.

Though there are many different types of antenatal classes they all have the same concept and goal which is to prepare you and your partner for late pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. Some antenatal classes focus on birth positions and where to give birth whereas other classes will have a set routine of topics so you get a sound knowledge of all different areas of childbirth. Taking extra classes in the basics of breastfeeding is also recommended as this is something many new mothers struggle with.

Many topics are covered by antenatal classes in Derbyshire include your wellbeing, changes for you, caring for your baby, meeting your baby and much more. Every angle is looked at so you and your partner are as prepared as possible for your time.

5 Things to do before your labour. Don’t forget!

The most exciting time of your life is fast approaching and all of a sudden it seems a rush to get the last preparations completed ready for your new arrival. Though you probably started preparing as soon as you heard you were expecting there are always some preparations which may get forgotten in all the excitement. Here’s 5 things you really shouldn’t forget.

1. Set up your hospital bag. Your little lady or fella won’t tell you when they are going to arrive so you need to prepared to depart at a moment’s notice. Having all of the necessary essentials ready in a bag packed either by your front door or as close to it as possible will save your spouse time in coming to your aid.

2. Install a car seat. The first journey home with your new arrival could go pear shaped if there is no car seat ready. When giving birth a car seat will be the last thing on your mind so having it ready to go will be one less worry and a much smoother beginning to parenting.

Cake Smash boy – Mr B

Hi everyone

Today I’ve got for you a new set of pictures from a recent Cake Smash photo shoot.

At the beginning of the session Mr B was a serious little boy, wondering around and trying to understand what’s going on. Then I gave him a box of tools which he then decided to use to explore the cake πŸ™‚ At the end Mr B was brave enough to get into the cake not only with his hands and feet to have full experience πŸ™‚

The theme, background and colour scheme for the shoot was chosen to match his bedroom at home. He loves cartoon animals so the cake was designed with the animal characters on side and top.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures of this little Cake Smash boy the same way as I do πŸ™‚

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Cake Smash Boy


Mr L by Newborn photography studio Derby

Hi everybody!

I’m pleased to present a new set of newborn images by my newborn photography studio in Derby. Today are the photos of Mr L, a handsome little boy who was born just 7 days before the session. I was especially glad to photograph him as I know his parents for long time now, since 2012 when I photographed their wedding. I also photographed his older brother, Mr E, 2 years ago.

Like his older brother, Mr L slept very well, giving me opportunity to capture his smiles and funny faces. Before the shoot we discussed the colour theme with his parents and they suggested to have green and blue, similar to the colours of his room. I chose combination of brown, green and blue out of my props.

Quite often I take pictures with parents; one of these is also in the list below.

I really enjoyed photographing Mr L, hope you will enjoy the pictures too πŸ™‚

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