5 Things to do before your labour. Don’t forget!

The most exciting time of your life is fast approaching and all of a sudden it seems a rush to get the last preparations completed ready for your new arrival. Though you probably started preparing as soon as you heard you were expecting there are always some preparations which may get forgotten in all the excitement. Here’s 5 things you really shouldn’t forget.

1. Set up your hospital bag. Your little lady or fella won’t tell you when they are going to arrive so you need to prepared to depart at a moment’s notice. Having all of the necessary essentials ready in a bag packed either by your front door or as close to it as possible will save your spouse time in coming to your aid.

2. Install a car seat. The first journey home with your new arrival could go pear shaped if there is no car seat ready. When giving birth a car seat will be the last thing on your mind so having it ready to go will be one less worry and a much smoother beginning to parenting.

3. Get ahead on dinners. Getting used to having a baby in the house can be difficult if you’re first time parents so get ahead before the birth and prepare extra dinners and freeze them. Make extra lasagne, chilli or anything you fancy and pop it in the freezer. There won’t be a lot of time to cook anything fancy to begin with so by having plenty of food stashed in the freezer you can keep yourself as well fed as the baby.

4. Get the lowdown on breastfeeding. A problem which many mothers have trouble with at the beginning is getting to grips with breastfeeding. It is nothing to be ashamed about but you can take measures to get a head start. Take a couple of classes or read up on the basics so that when the time comes you will have at least a basic knowledge on what you’re supposed to do.

5. Take childbirth classes. Having your first child can be really scary so having classes beforehand can give you an idea of what to expect. Learning breathing exercises to help subside the pain is highly beneficial on your part so make life a little bit less painful by taking classes before the big day.

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